Friday, December 12, 2008

Okay, I'll admit it- I'm pretty much close to having the mouth of a sailor's, and well. I don't give a shit about it. Apparently other people do though, because I keep getting lectured on it.

My mother tells me to be more ladylike with my language. Okay, I can understand that because she's my mum and I know she feels obliged to keep me from swearing at least in her presence- I'm pretty much sure she doesn't care though unless it's done excessively, and my basis for this is because I've let slip 'fuck' in front of her a couple of times when she doesn't remember that she has to be some sort of model mother, and she didn't care. :D

On the other hand, I feel deeply indignant when other people tell me to shut the fuck up in an informal situation. Hello. It's not even like I swear that much (fucking shut your own fucking mouth, you fucking fucker), and furthermore, you are not people that I'm meeting for the first time. You're supposed to be (kind-of) friends right? And I was just saying "Goddamnit, it's fucking hot today". It's not like I was all "KNNBCCB" over some minor thing like getting served the wrong drink. (Yes, it's a different thing altogether. I might sound hypocritical, but I have clear labels in my head on what means what and what's appropriate for what. I think it might have something to do with swearing at other people and trying to be cool as opposed to using the word as an emphasis for your feelings. Or well, something like that, idk man).

And then recently, I wrote a drabble (Poltergeist at my sparkling-new writing blog, to be shameless), and it contained the word 'fuck'. Twice. (Only twice, JFC.)

One of my friends read it and she said that she liked it, but she really dislikes having said word in her reading material.

Now, she's a really nice person, and I think she's very sweet, but sometimes I think people like this are unbelievable. How do they exist like that?! And to boot, if I remember correctly, she's like what, thirty? HONESTLY.

Or maybe I'm just too vulgar for my own good. I like being this way though, so fuck off, all of you people who insist on virginally correct English.

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