Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is a totally overrated thing for one, and for another, the 'goodwill' that festivities seem to force out of people in general is a little... well. Forced.

I've started work as a part-time admin assistant of sorts in my mother's office recently, but apparently sales have been slow, so I get stuck with all the lame things that nobody else in the office really wants to do, like replacing the addresses ('cos the company just moved) on their various catalogues and stuff, and sending out e-cards.

Yes. E-cards. I am so not kidding you.

People who work in offices might have gotten those annoying e-cards already, since it's so close to Christmas. You know, those generic free ones you get from say, 1-2-3 Greetingcards or somesuch site, with tacky animation and tacky music and generic messages of good wishes and all that jazz. On my part, I privately thought that I might have to strangle anyone who sent me a card like that from their companies. Hopefully, I'll never get to work in one of those companies. Getting cards from NTUC and companies and etc is already bad enough, because it's just an automated thing that you get since they have your birth date on record, but getting tons of it from other people in companies you barely see a few times a year to liaise with and people you don't really know? Pfffft.

It's a little insincere and it just reeks of office politics, which I don't really care for.

On the other hand, have a happy, corporate Christmas with all its capitalist overtures and overrated and tacky music and festive cheer. <3

But, cynicism and etc aside- I never really liked kids. Actually, I still don't really like kids, and I can't handle people below 15 or 16 quite well. Still, I have to admit defeat to the class of six I'm currently teaching, 'cos they're way too cute. *flail*

Right so, I tend to wear a lot of rings usually, and kids being kids, they were all like "TEACHER TEACHER! Are you married?" (I have no idea why, but students apparently like asking their teachers and lecturers and etc really personal questions. XD)

I was halfway through writing a question on the board, so naturally I got a little surprised. But I kind of got out a reply that was something like, "I'm nineteen, I don't think I'll be getting married anytime soon." And they, being twelve year olds and precocious things, shot back, "But you have a ring on your ring finger! YOU MUST BE MARRIED!"

Even I am no proof against such childish adorable-ness.

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