Wednesday, December 24, 2008

While I was looking through Youtube today, I found this:

Before seeing this, I'd never realized that film had been around for so long; I always thought film was a creation of the 20th century, but apparently it's been around since the later years of the 19th century. But there's technology for you: the camera obscura has been around since 1685, and I didn't know that either.

The fact that fragments of human history are still around like this, preserved and made available to the public makes my heart go pitter patter. I mean, how amazing is this? A little over a hundred years ago, there was already film. People lived lives then, and before then, and we're still living it now. Then, film was a tedious process. Now, we take videos of anything and everything from tiny little camera phones. Special effects were limited and considered ground-breaking. Now, we have software that create almost human-like animation (like FF7: Advent Children).

There was some quote I read some time ago, about being in this world and yet not believing in its wonders; it would have been appropriate if I'd actually remembered it, pfft.

Anyhoo, merry Christmas to everyone out there while I'm at it. ♥

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