Sunday, November 16, 2008

God, what is it with bigots and their stupidly narrow-minded view of the world?

Oh, wait. Yeah.

So I have this friend right, who's gay, and who had one of the worst encounters ever. Some guy befriended him over MSN/Friendster/I don't really know actually, and my friend being the open and trusting person he is, was like "Oh hey, he's kind of cute and he seems nice. :D Why not give it a go?"

Then that jerkface, after some conversations with my friend (who shall be named G here), dared to tell G things like "G, I just can't stand how capriciously you CARRY OUT YOUR ACTIONS and YOUR LOUD ANNOYING BEHAVIOUR. Plus, you're over random." and "Well, if you have pimples and all that, at least cover it with makeup alright. I can't be seen going out with an ugly guy."


But anyway, not the point here. G cried a bit, then got mad and then bitched him out. Good for you, G! 8D

The point of this post is to highlight the bigotry of certain people in SGCafe. So what if G is gay? This is the 21st century, when people should have stopped being "eeee, you're a homo? What's that? Is being homosexual a disease?" (Some people might argue that yes, it is, but that's them, and they're bigots. <3)

"He only meet guys, so how will he be able to agree that girls are superficial as well? Anyway, So does that mean that if this guy isn't cute, you won't give him a chance? 90% of men are superficial. They go for looks. You aren't the 10% consider from your post. Don't act like a girl, you are a guy, you just crossdress only." (Puh-lease. Everyone's superficial when they don't have enough of anything else to judge. Looks are just easier to go by. And he's not acting like a girl, you motherfucker.)

"don't mind me but. This two points seem to hint that ur a guy, and that Bryan is also a guy, and that u both are gay? O.O" (Er. Yeah, he's gay. What's with that face? Is it so shocking to know that there are homosexuals around you? Please don't flatter yourself that they want to jump you.)

"lol i cant understand wat the heck r u all talking bout ...so its bout a guy dating a guy n i cant understand anymore omg" (Do you need a brain transplant, dearie?)

"guy love guy = .. .. .. ERROR. lawl" (No. It's called homosexuality, you great ninny. <3)

Seriously, guys. What is it about homosexuality that makes people think that you can ask anything of a homosexual/bisexual and expect they'll answer? Like, I used to have a girlfriend, and that just brought out all the perving instincts in guys- one of them just straight out asked me what I did with my girlfriend, and that he wanted to know because he wanted to fantasize about two lesbians. Why would I tell you anything at all, in the first place? You're just some random guy I just met, and hell, that is just plain rude. It's like being bisexual or gay means that random people get to ask you stupid stuff or make stupid declarations. (Like, my classmate? Said that homosexuality was a hormonal problem. Fuck you. Said classmate and I are now on good terms though- it was just him blurting things out without thinking, and not him being a bigot, as I soon discovered, so. Yeah, I can be prickly, I know.)

Fucking closet-minds.

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