Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Augh, I'm so tired. I think I might be falling sick soon, what with all the sniffling. I swear I thought I was going to have a nosebleed last night too, because I could feel the constant drip of blood down the back of my mouth. (I seem to be getting a few posterior nosebleeds recently. I think it's stress.)

It didn't come gushing out of my nose though, for which I'm quite grateful, because I didn't quite want to be bleeding all over my sketchbook while I tried to finish up photography.

Anyway, having Cynthia over is really quite fun even if it's 3.37am right now, and I have class at 9am, not to mention the project that's due then. I think I'll be given some extra time to finish up my sketchbook. I hope her boyfriend comes over soon though, because as fun as it is, my eyes are closing and I'm sniffling really badly and I have a bad headache.


Starting tutoring in English on Thursday. I'm still not quite sure what to teach the adults, but I guess I'll just wing it. Start off with asking them their goals in English, what they wanna learn, yadda. I think the greatest obstacle will be communicating with them because god knows my Mandarin sucks. I asked Cat, and she doesn't know who exactly is enrolled for the English class just yet, but hopefully it'll be just Mandarin-speaking people, and it really might be a good idea to separate them into total beginners and intermediates.

At least the upper secondary school students will be easier to teach. I think.

I mean, at least I kind of know where secondary school students are coming from. =/

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