Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So, I have a review for Drawing Development on Friday, and I haven't gotten the requisite work all done yet, so I went off to the ACM today to finish up my piece of a boddhisatva statue. It seemed a little cloudy when I set out, but otherwise okay, so I held my hopes and didn't dash for the ACM as fast as I should have.


The skies started pouring on me like halfway through from Clarke Quay station, and in the end, I waded through the puddles to ACM. I didn't really dare to look at anyone, because my sneakers were squeaking something awful on the floors, and they were leaving wet prints all over, to boot. Luckily no one came to bitch me out about my sopping wet shoes and the water that'd accumulated all over my portfolio. Ugh.

Rain aside, I got the picture done- and boy, do I regret not going earlier with my classmates. As awesome as the place is, with all its porcelain statues and stuff, the gallery is kind of creepy. And knowing that there are equipment from a headhunter tribe (complete with a carved-on skull- which looked really cool despite it having once belonged to a living and breathing person) did not exactly help.

Anyhoo, went off to the airport afterwards- I was supposed to get another picture done, but I was partly all flopped out because of the earlier three hours spent on my boddhisatva picture, and partly disgusted by the thought of drawing humongous architecture, so I gave up, took a picture and went home.

The joys of slacking. I love procrastination.

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